Saturday, November 22, 2014

Audi Prologue Concept: A9 is advanced - Live from Los Angeles Auto Show 2014

The Los Angeles Auto Show is an opportunity for Audi to unveil a concept that foreshadows both his new stylistic direction, but also a future model, the A9. And drew the world, many ...

On the stand of the mark on the rings, it's the excitement ... There crowd, it's mass and it applauds the end of the press conference ... But what good can cause this?
Response 45 minutes later, when he finally becomes possible to take pictures of the concept ... "Prologue", guilty of so much agitation.

I must say it announces the new Audi style on the one hand, and as a future model, competitor of the Mercedes S-Class coupe, the A9.

The proportions are worthy of those starry cut, indeed. The length of 5.10, the width of 1.95 m require. It is obviously the huge chrome grille slat glaring at first glance. A huge mouth that would increase that of 3008 (before facelift) for a very shy. Very sharp and beveled, it seems to swallow everything that is presented to it.
The rear section is equally impressive, with a band of light that covers the entire width. LEDs are obviously the game, as the flashing dynamic scrolling. This band and the rear pillars fell uncannily evokes late last 9-5 while the trunk lid, concave, said he, a Citroën C6 ...!

The interior is clean, no frills. We discover a screen in front of the driver and a second passenger in front, embedded in the dashboard panel. The center tunnel is bulky and extends to the back 4 which limits the number of passengers.

Mechanical side, the Prologue retains the 4.0 V8 biturbo, in an evolution of 605 hp. Which would according to the manufacturer a 0-100 km / h in 3.7 seconds, but 199 g of CO2 per km away (8.7 liters average consumption). Finally, the frame adopts a 5-link rear suspension and four wheel steering. As a ... Renault Laguna 4Control.

Be essentially selected on the American show is undoubtedly the car (well the concept) that has had the most success. It took patience to bring you live pictures ...

Maybach Mercedes S-Class: Renaissance - Live from Los Angeles Auto Show 2014

Daimler had raised the prestige brand Maybach in 2002, before burying it again in 2013. However, it is still a kind of renaissance that we are witnessing. Indeed Mercedes presents this year in Los Angeles a S600 Version "Maybach" of its sedan lux.

But it's not the brand that is reborn only the name. Must be considered in reality this new name as a new "finish" great luxury applied to the S-Class
Mercedes already explained to us the release of its latest S they wanted to compete with Rolls-Royce, and therefore, she went on a little concept of Maybach.
This is even more the case with this "super S-Class." Twenty centimeters longer than the longest S-Class, so it rises to 5.44 m! Enough to take his ease at the back, where we discover two seats "Executive" that can lie completely or almost in the manner of classes case by plane. There also also screens and tablets, heating function, massage, fridge, brief, total.

The level of overall finish is still a notch above the "normal" S-Class, which had already set the bar very high. Stitched leather, crafted almost wholes where hands may arise keys aluminum and wood. We are not yet at Rolls, but Mercedes is still strong admittedly.
The equipment is bloated, basically everything that is optional on the S becomes standard here: connectivity, automation, Magic Body Control suspension, hi-fi system Burmeister, etc.

To move the ship, you are entitled to 6.0 V12 biturbo 530 hp and 830 Nm of torque. And it is even rumored that the S Maybach will be powered by the V12 version AMG (AMG 65) 630 hp, allowing it to swallow the 0 to 100 in 4.3 s ...

These are primarily the Chinese customers who have the honor of this version (it is also at this very moment presented at the show in Guangzhou China also) in February 2015, before Europe is served a little more later. The price was not disclosed, but know that the "normal" S-Class rises to € 185,000, it will be ... much more!

Friday, January 17, 2014

An extended agreement between Aston and AMG?

A few weeks after confirming the conclusion of a partnership between Aston Martin and AMG, Daimler would be willing to extend the agreement.

Questioned by our British colleagues to coach, Dieter Zetsche, Daimler boss, says open to the possibility of going further in the partnership with Aston Martin. In December, the two marks thus confirmed the existence of an agreement on the provision of block V8 but also electronic components, in Exchange for 5% of the shares of the British brand without the right to vote.

The British website advances the hypothesis that Mercedes and Aston Martin could share a platform for the launch of an SUV that would be based on the Mercedes GL. "We will invest in this partnership and we'll see how it develops," explains the boss of Daimler. Daimler clearly hopes to acquire term a luxury brand, as already did BMW with Rolls Royce and Audi with Bentley...

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Passat on two cylinders in Detroit

HThe giant Volkswagen will introduce in Detroit an equipped Passat concept of the cylinder deactivation system.

The Passat on two cylinders in Detroit any news image named Passat BlueMotion (photo), this concept based on the Volkswagen family embeds the system cylinders. The latter has already been seen on several models of the Wolfsburg group, including the Polo BlueGT or at Audi where it is called "cylinder on demand". The "prototype" sports a tinge of blue body "Reef Blue Metallic" and will make its January 13 on the NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) in Detroit. Grille grille has been reviewed and Volkswagen has grafted a trunk spoiler.

Atmosphere biton on board, where the seats are covered with leather and where inserts in dash carbon fibre.
5.6 l / 100 km

The Volkswagen Passat BlueMotion Concept will have the task to show the potential that can have a non-vehicle hybrid fuel economy. For this, the equipment may rely on engine 4-cylinder petrol 1.4 TSI 150 horses, running on 2 cylinders at low speeds. To lower emissions and consumption, the start/stop system is extra. Result: 5.6 l / 100 km on average.

Not to mention the diesel

Volkswagen continues its offensive on the American market, more and more open to fuel savings. Another example with diesel vehicles. Last year, the German has elapsed more than 100,000 copies in the United States.

In Europe, the New Passat will make its year-end. There is no reason that the cylinder deactivation system is not part. Follow.

Mercedes: the intelligent info-entertainment

Mercedes presents to the these an Infotainment system called Predictive User Experience, which adapts to the habits of the driver.

Mercedes: the intelligent info-entertainment news in image as other vehicle manufacturers such as Kia or BMW, Mercedes is currently present at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, the grand annual exhibition dedicated to electronics. Far from coming empty-handed, the firm presented a connected watch displaying information about the vehicle to its owner, and now details the other big feature of his stand.

Called Predictive User Experience (predictive user experience), it is an Infotainment system that analyzes the behaviour of the driver to offer him advice and personalized services.
Make the road together

Recalling a little Mazda and its vision of the future in which a car creates a link of complicity with its owner through multimedia interactions, said Mercedes wanting to transform "the best driving experience" in "one (e) old (the) friend '.

The device thus analyzed the habits of the driver as the area where he lives, the places where he goes, the weather, the date, the time, musical styles he or his manner of driving for "learning to know" and power, from two to three weeks of use, advise destinations, radio stations or other.
On the S-class coupe future?

Customers of these can test the system amending certain variables such as the weather or the place to see how it adjusts its proposals accordingly. On the stand, the present concept of class S Cup in September in Frankfurt welcomes also on a dual touch screen a Predictive User Experience prototype, which we did abrègerons not the name (as the Audi e-tron and Toyota MR2...). A final version will be available on the series model?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In 2013 the Volkswagen Group sold 100,000 models Diesel in the USA

The Volkswagen Group is poised to succeed his bet: convince part of its U.S. customers to switch to Diesel.
La Volkswagen Passat américaine peut recevoir une motorisation Diesel. Image © Volkswagen
La Volkswagen Passat américaine peut recevoir une motorisation Diesel. Image © Volkswagen
You know, Americans are hardly fond of Diesel. These engines are indeed still considered noisy and polluting and the generally low cost of fuel across the Atlantic does not plead in their favour. Both and so even the utilities continue to function largely to gasoline.

However, with higher prices at the pump, the consumption of vehicles has become more concern than before in the USA. The Volkswagen Group, well known for its engines TDI in Europe, seeks to promote the Diesel in the United States through the 'Clean Diesel', literally "Clean Diesel" brand. An appellation in part justified by much stricter anti-pollution standards in the United States. It is the USA that the Volkswagen Group has thus introduced his working of NOx in 2009 SCR system.

In all, the Group sells on-site twelve models Diesel in the United States including the Volkswagen Jetta or the Audi Q5. An offer with no equivalent on the market. By comparison, GM offers Diesel in the USA on its Chevrolet Cruze and its big pickup.

This is therefore not a surprise if the German giant seizes alone 75% of the market of passenger cars Diesel in 2013 in the United States. In total, these are 100,000 Volkswagen and Audi to spontaneous combustion which have been sold in the United States in 2013, barely 1% of the U.S. passenger car market. A figure that has something to smile in Europe where almost 70% of cars sold are diesel. Remains that the rise of this fuel in the United States has what surprise, while it is increasingly challenged with us (read our Diesel, its particles, our health section). Recall that a report published in June 2012 who ranked fine particles emitted by Diesel engines being carcinogenic.

The crisis of the automotive market, it's all over... in the United Kingdom

In 2013, the sales of new cars rose, across the channel, 11% while they decreased by 6% in France. The British have bought so many new vehicles in 2007.

The United Kingdom is needed more than ever as the automotive market the holder of the European Union. This year, according to data published Tuesday January 7 by the British association of the manufacturers and sellers of automobiles (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders), the number of registered vehicles (2.264 million) increased by 10.8% compared to 2012. It is still more than experts had predicted. Page of the crisis seems well and truly turned with a level of sales that dealers were no longer seen since 2007.

The British are so close of the German market, the first in Europe, where registrations fell by 4%, from below the 3 million copies. They also dig the gap with the French, where the market has been in 2013 a new settlement (-5.7%) with only 1.79 million new vehicles registered in 12 months.

The difference is even more sensitive if the reported number of surveyed households share and sides of the channel. Thus, in the United Kingdom, registered new vehicles in 2013 potentially met needs - or desires - of at least 1 household on 12 (perhaps as part of the purchased cars were automotive accommodation) against 1 of 15 in France.

French brands have not benefited from the British boom

Who enjoys the exceptional effect of the UK market? Clearly enough little french manufacturers. So even if sales of Renault rose by 13.2% in 2013, its market share (2.04%) is three times lower than that of Audi (6.27%), whose sales were up 15%. Peugeot and Citroen, traditionally more present in this country where the steering wheel is on the right, them saw decline their respective market (4.66% and 3.46%) shares.

The two brands of PSA are worse that Mercedes-Benz whose market share has reached 4.83% due to an increase in sales by more than 19%. But BMW whose market share declined from 6.24 to 5.99 per cent.

Total German manufacturers seem to be largely dominant with 27% of the UK market. Indeed, their two American competitors, Ford and General Motors, saw their market shares shrink slightly in 2013, even if their citadines (Fiesta and Ford Focus, Vauxhall Corsa) continue to dominate the top 10 best-selling cars.

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