Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The crisis of the automotive market, it's all over... in the United Kingdom

In 2013, the sales of new cars rose, across the channel, 11% while they decreased by 6% in France. The British have bought so many new vehicles in 2007.

The United Kingdom is needed more than ever as the automotive market the holder of the European Union. This year, according to data published Tuesday January 7 by the British association of the manufacturers and sellers of automobiles (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders), the number of registered vehicles (2.264 million) increased by 10.8% compared to 2012. It is still more than experts had predicted. Page of the crisis seems well and truly turned with a level of sales that dealers were no longer seen since 2007.

The British are so close of the German market, the first in Europe, where registrations fell by 4%, from below the 3 million copies. They also dig the gap with the French, where the market has been in 2013 a new settlement (-5.7%) with only 1.79 million new vehicles registered in 12 months.

The difference is even more sensitive if the reported number of surveyed households share and sides of the channel. Thus, in the United Kingdom, registered new vehicles in 2013 potentially met needs - or desires - of at least 1 household on 12 (perhaps as part of the purchased cars were automotive accommodation) against 1 of 15 in France.

French brands have not benefited from the British boom

Who enjoys the exceptional effect of the UK market? Clearly enough little french manufacturers. So even if sales of Renault rose by 13.2% in 2013, its market share (2.04%) is three times lower than that of Audi (6.27%), whose sales were up 15%. Peugeot and Citroen, traditionally more present in this country where the steering wheel is on the right, them saw decline their respective market (4.66% and 3.46%) shares.

The two brands of PSA are worse that Mercedes-Benz whose market share has reached 4.83% due to an increase in sales by more than 19%. But BMW whose market share declined from 6.24 to 5.99 per cent.

Total German manufacturers seem to be largely dominant with 27% of the UK market. Indeed, their two American competitors, Ford and General Motors, saw their market shares shrink slightly in 2013, even if their citadines (Fiesta and Ford Focus, Vauxhall Corsa) continue to dominate the top 10 best-selling cars.


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