Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In 2013 the Volkswagen Group sold 100,000 models Diesel in the USA

The Volkswagen Group is poised to succeed his bet: convince part of its U.S. customers to switch to Diesel.
La Volkswagen Passat américaine peut recevoir une motorisation Diesel. Image © Volkswagen
La Volkswagen Passat américaine peut recevoir une motorisation Diesel. Image © Volkswagen
You know, Americans are hardly fond of Diesel. These engines are indeed still considered noisy and polluting and the generally low cost of fuel across the Atlantic does not plead in their favour. Both and so even the utilities continue to function largely to gasoline.

However, with higher prices at the pump, the consumption of vehicles has become more concern than before in the USA. The Volkswagen Group, well known for its engines TDI in Europe, seeks to promote the Diesel in the United States through the 'Clean Diesel', literally "Clean Diesel" brand. An appellation in part justified by much stricter anti-pollution standards in the United States. It is the USA that the Volkswagen Group has thus introduced his working of NOx in 2009 SCR system.

In all, the Group sells on-site twelve models Diesel in the United States including the Volkswagen Jetta or the Audi Q5. An offer with no equivalent on the market. By comparison, GM offers Diesel in the USA on its Chevrolet Cruze and its big pickup.

This is therefore not a surprise if the German giant seizes alone 75% of the market of passenger cars Diesel in 2013 in the United States. In total, these are 100,000 Volkswagen and Audi to spontaneous combustion which have been sold in the United States in 2013, barely 1% of the U.S. passenger car market. A figure that has something to smile in Europe where almost 70% of cars sold are diesel. Remains that the rise of this fuel in the United States has what surprise, while it is increasingly challenged with us (read our Diesel, its particles, our health section). Recall that a report published in June 2012 who ranked fine particles emitted by Diesel engines being carcinogenic.


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