Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mercedes: the intelligent info-entertainment

Mercedes presents to the these an Infotainment system called Predictive User Experience, which adapts to the habits of the driver.

Mercedes: the intelligent info-entertainment news in image as other vehicle manufacturers such as Kia or BMW, Mercedes is currently present at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, the grand annual exhibition dedicated to electronics. Far from coming empty-handed, the firm presented a connected watch displaying information about the vehicle to its owner, and now details the other big feature of his stand.

Called Predictive User Experience (predictive user experience), it is an Infotainment system that analyzes the behaviour of the driver to offer him advice and personalized services.
Make the road together

Recalling a little Mazda and its vision of the future in which a car creates a link of complicity with its owner through multimedia interactions, said Mercedes wanting to transform "the best driving experience" in "one (e) old (the) friend '.

The device thus analyzed the habits of the driver as the area where he lives, the places where he goes, the weather, the date, the time, musical styles he or his manner of driving for "learning to know" and power, from two to three weeks of use, advise destinations, radio stations or other.
On the S-class coupe future?

Customers of these can test the system amending certain variables such as the weather or the place to see how it adjusts its proposals accordingly. On the stand, the present concept of class S Cup in September in Frankfurt welcomes also on a dual touch screen a Predictive User Experience prototype, which we did abrègerons not the name (as the Audi e-tron and Toyota MR2...). A final version will be available on the series model?


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