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2014 Volkswagen Touareg

I'm a little abashed to ascertain that the abide time I advised a Volkswagen Touareg was a abounding decade ago, afore I had a jailbait and the two agnate aside alongside curve amid my eyebrows to actualization for it (there are an according amount of smile curve formed in there, as well). While I'm alone starting to analysis 2014 vehicles, the VW Touareg is starting the year off able and adeptness just authorize as one of the decade's a lot of bigger vehicles.
Although the Touareg has bigger greatly, it's still missing a few actualization that, at its top price, absolutely should be standard.
For 2014, VW has added a new R-Line trim with a sport-tuned abeyance and a few sporty-looking architecture actualization into the Touareg lineup. Check out this year's archetypal compared with the 2013 adaptation here.
The Touareg, a five-seater, comes in Sport, R-Line, Lux and Executive trim levels. Analyze them side-by-side here. All four versions are attainable with a gasoline or a added fuel-efficient clean-diesel engine. Check them out ancillary by ancillary here. I collection the Touareg TDI Lux.
If paying a top amount makes you wish a cast with a little added status, you may analyze the Audi Q5, Acura MDX, or Mercedes-Benz M-Class with the Touareg. You can see their differences ancillary by ancillary here.
Exterior & Styling
The new R-Line accession to the Touareg calendar distinguishes itself with, according to Volkswagen, "an advancing exoteric actualization acclaimed by different foreground bonanza fascia, ancillary skirts, R-Line badges, LED taillights and oval-shaped bifold bankrupt tips at the rear." Twenty-inch aluminum-alloy auto add to the mean-machine look.
This is an aggressive-looking SUV after getting unnecessarily masculine. The beard LEDs about the foreground headlights, accumulated with abounding lower air scoops, actualize a faculty of beheld antithesis that's one allotment annoying macho, one allotment bendable and sensitive.
How It Drives
I accept to admit, I was assured a appealing rough, SUV-like ride in the 2014 Touareg, complete with abundant physique cycle in turns to accomplish even stomachs of animate bung their cookies. The Touareg's rather aesthetic ride quality, however, abundantly afraid me.
This is a fun car to drive. The 240-horsepower, 3.0-liter clean-diesel engine gets an EPA-estimated 20/29/23 mpg city/highway/combined and has torque that feels like it will never quit, even on the high-altitude anchorage I bisect daily. I had to consistently rein myself in from absent to barrage abroad from every stoplight. It was, however, almost simple to bland out my dispatch and actualize a calmer ride for calmly affective the kids after spilling their abstract boxes.
In deceleration, which is consistently critical, the Touareg acquainted beeline and responsive. I had complete aplomb in the braking and no botheration bringing this 4,974-pound charging balderdash to a stop.
As with a lot of SUVs, the disciplinarian does feel a little broken from the road, but there was not as abundant angle in the corners as I would accept accepted in a car this abounding and heavy. For the a lot of part, I was adequate and didn't feel as if I were active a amphibian boat.
As a passenger, my bedmate said the ride was actual adequate and consistently acquainted bland and controlled, even if I was in a bustle or "testing" the dispatch from a stop.
The Touareg is a abounding SUV that feels abundant smaller, and its drivability covers a abounding spectrum, from calmly demography kids to academy to charging up abundance passes … or antagonism abroad from stoplights, if you're that affectionate of driver.
The autogenous of my Touareg TDI Lux featured beautiful, affluent chocolate-brown covering seats. As I accept appear to apprehend from Volkswagen's pricier offerings, the autogenous acquainted adequate (hence the trim name) after getting too affected or museum-like.

I admired the across-the-board roof, accepted on all but the Sport trim, which is acceptable added accepted on SUVs in this amount range. It absolutely does alteration that accepted abstraction of inside/outside active from your home to your car, while advancement a adequate and attainable ambiance inside. It was automatic and simple to ascendancy the amount of the aperture with a simple aberration of the dial. Aperture the awning and active about in a about conservatory accustomed my ancestors to insolate in the alteration Colorado angle and colors of the abatement leaves.
The foreground seats affection 12-way adeptness adjustability, with abundant adaptability to actualize the feel of a custom seat. I was a little aghast the ancillary bolster abutment wasn't adjustable, abnormally at this price. While bench calefaction is included up foreground on all trims, the adeptness to air-conditioned the seats is aswell missing. I afresh collection a Hyundai Santa Fe that featured aerial seats at a abundant lower price, and I bound became attached.
There are baby in-door pockets in both the foreground and rear doors, but they abridgement chip bottleholders. Up front, there are affluence of nooks and crannies to abundance barn remotes, aboideau transponders, corpuscle phones and chargers, and there's even a altogether sized little annular abode to backing the Touareg's cyberbanking key fob. On the affair of the key fob, the Touareg's is large, which in candor seems to be the standard. While it's beneath of an affair for us women who can accumulate it active in a aphotic alcove of our purse, my bedmate consistently commented on the beefy admeasurement of the fob, which fabricated it difficult to backpack calmly in his jeans pocket. He whined that it acquainted like accustomed a baby brick with him at all times. He beneath my advancement that he advance in a man purse.
At any accustomed time, two of my three kids (ages 9, 11 and 13) were adequate in the back, and the amber covering seats were abundant if it came to charwoman up spills and ambuscade the clay and crud that seems to chase them, Pig-Pen-like, everywhere they go. The kid in the centermost position, however, had to abide some ache acknowledgment to the bench belt (more data beneath in the Assurance section). They all had affluence of legroom acknowledgment to a sliding rear bench that can move up to 6.3 inches aback and forth. It aswell reclines a bit. Netted compartments on the aback of anniversary of the foreground seats continued to accommodate abounding accumulator for all the kids' stuff.
Surprisingly enough, there weren't too abounding disagreements as to who would sit in the dreaded, bound average seat. My boyish babe in actuality volunteered to be the sacrificial middle-seat lamb already she apparent the accepted home adeptness aperture that's attainable from the average seat, active at the aback of the centermost console. This accustomed her to bound beef up the adeptness on her iPad afore a academy presentation. The fold-down armrest in the centermost position has two cupholders but lacks any added accumulator capabilities.
Ergonomics & Electronics
With the consistently revolving aperture of abstruse advances in cars, every time I get a new analysis car I feel like I'm belief for the SAT just aggravating to accept how to affairs the radio or acclimatize the temperature in the car. This is one breadth in which the Touareg has bigger exponentially over the years. Today's adaptation seems to accept begin a adequate antithesis amid technology and affluence of use. Buttons and dials were in by itself advancing places, abutting at duke and acutely marked. There was no charge to cross through assorted touch-screen airheaded just to change the radio station, acclimatize the airflow or complete any added accepted task.
While it took a brace of attempts to brace my iPhone application the Touareg's Bluetooth, if it assuredly did accompany up it formed seamlessly. I was able to play all my music, including iTunes radio, through the audio system. Phone calls were seamless, with the apostle aural bright on both abandon of the conversation. Even from the backseat, the kids could calmly acquaint on an all-embracing alarm with their grandparents in South Africa.
Cargo & Storage
The Touareg drives like a baby SUV, yet if you accessible the aback and alpha folding the 60/40-split seats, you apprehend you accept abundant added burden amplitude and adaptability than you advancing (64 cubic anxiety with the seats folded). If you charge even added cargo-hauling capability, you may wish to absolute your absorption adjoin the Mercedes-Benz M-Class and its 80.3 cubic anxiety of best burden space, or the Acura MDX, with 68.4 cubic feet. The Audi Q5 brings up the rear with just 57.3 cubic feet.
Once you bend the Touareg's rear seats, however, they still beetle up a little rather than lying absolutely flat, which could absolute the blazon of beefy items you can load. (Come on, Volkswagen engineers, that's why you get paid the big bucks!)
While it is absorbing to watch the kids jumping up and down, aggravating to extensive the button on the liftgate to abutting the powered burden door, it is in actuality a little top to be absolutely functional. Cue agitative new alternative car feature: the foot-swipe opener. If your easily are abounding or you're aggravating to ascendancy adolescent kids in a alarming parking lot, artlessly bash your basal beneath the Touareg's bonanza to accessible and abutting the liftgate.
Though blast tests accept not yet been appear on the 2014 VW Touareg as of this writing, it hasn't been redesigned, so after-effects from Insurance Institute for Highway Assurance testing of the 2013 should apply. The 2013 accustomed the top account of acceptable in frontal-crash, side-impact, roof-strength and seat/head abstemiousness tests, the closing of which indicates whiplash aegis in a rear impact.
Installing child-safety seats in the Touareg application the Latch arrangement will be an exercise in backbone for parents who may already be attenuate on it. The lower anchors are active abysmal in the bench bight, amid the actual annealed covering of the bench aback and the basal cushions. With little to no approval underneath, the Latch ballast itself leaves actual little jerk room.
The centermost rear bench belt catch is aswell about unusable. It rotates up on a stiff, hinged catch abject that is absurd for kids to use one-handed, even my 13-year-old. It appropriate one of her sisters sitting to the appropriate of her to grab the catch abject and authority it up out of the way while she shimmied into the average bench afore she could again admit the buckle. Already it was buckled, the alternating articulation kept the catch abject apprenticed up adjoin her hip with constant, afflictive pressure.
While some may altercate adjoin the call of an glut of airbags, for me as a mom, added airbags equals a added assured activity of assurance for my adored cargo, whether that's astute or not. The 2014 Touareg has alone six airbags; it lacks the added ones that are bustling up in abundant beneath big-ticket vehicles.
The Touareg Lux that I collection came accepted with a advancement camera with onscreen guides to advice abstain any potentially baleful banal backovers. A 360-degree bird's-eye-view camera is aswell available.
An avant-garde rollover sensor arrangement in the Touareg can arrange the ancillary blind airbags if it senses a rollover is imminent. In accession to this system, in the accident of a collision, an attainable crash-response arrangement will alleviate the Touareg's doors, attenuate the ammunition pump and about-face on the hazard lights.


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