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2014 Audi A8

The 2014 Audi A8 L TDI does not let being diesel-powered trim from its sumptuousness, however its improved fuel economy does not push it at once earlier than its competitors.

Audi\'s A8 is during a powerful position, battling crowd-favorite luxury flagships just like the BMW seven Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Lexus LS, that you\'ll be able to compare here. Last redesigned for the 2011 model year, for 2014 the A8 takes a giant step toward voice communication \"Hey, consider me!\" with alone fuel economy in its category because of a replacement diesel. Compare the 2014 to the 2013 here.

Diesel may be a dirty word. it isn\'t what most consumers expect a luxury carmaker to shove below the hood of its flagship automobile, tho\' Mercedes-Benz and Audi are merchandising clean-diesel models within the U.S. for years currently. (A diesel version of Mercedes\' redesigned 2014 S-Class is additionally on its method.) The A8 can see minor changes presently, with a invigorated 2015 model disclosure overseas initial.

The 2014 A8 L TDI is accessible solely in extended-wheelbase L versions, with a large backseat, normal all-wheel drive ANd an EPA rating of 24/36/28 mpg city/highway/combined. valuation starts at $83,395 as well as a destination charge, and also the automobile I tested came in at $99,445 with choices. The A8 L TDI prices $3,700 over AN A8 L with the entry-level supercharged V-6, that is EPA rated 18/28/21 mpg.

Exterior & Styling

With the exception of atiny low \"TDI\" badge on the rear traveler facet, {there\'s no|there is no|there isn\'t ANy|there is not any} visual variations to an A8 L TDI — well, aside from our tester\'s huge \"TDI clean diesel\" stickers.

Audi shot the recognition of diode running lights into the stratosphere; they are currently on the market even on compact cars. however Audi still will it best, and also the A8 may be a prime example of the way to do LEDs properly. The horizontal diode strips build the forepart look even wider, and also the headlights themselves ar LEDs.

The masculine sedan does not boast its distinct styling okay once painted white, as our tester was. Darker colours higher intensify the A8\'s sleek body lines.

How It Drives

Luxury-car homeowners don\'t desire to listen to typical diesel clatter, feel harsh vibrations through the seat and handwheel, or poke on the road like there is a mouse turning a wheel below the hood. that is why automakers ar regularly stepping up their diesel game within the U.S. with extra refinement and larger fuel-economy numbers. that is particularly apparent in diesel-powered luxury cars from Audi and Mercedes.

The A8 L TDI offers one amongst the foremost seamless diesel experiences I\'ve ever had, with as few vibrations as a fuel automobile. sensible luck knowing the engine is even running once the windows ar up. None of the A8\'s sumptuousness is withdrawn as a result of it sucks up diesel rather than gasoline; the engine is quiet at idle and emits a bizarrely powerful, non-diesel sound recording throughout significant acceleration.

The turbocharged three.0-liter diesel six-cylinder makes 240 power unit and 406 pounds-feet of torsion. it is the immense torsion — helped by AN eight-speed transmission — that moves this four,500-pound, extended-wheelbase land yacht effortlessly. Acceleration is brisk and buttery sleek, as you\'d expect from a luxury automobile, tho\' passing at sixty mph does not have quite the punch it will at lower speeds. Audi says zero to sixty mph comes during a} very plausible vi.4 seconds, that is that the slowest A8 by virtually a full second, tho\' not pokey by any suggests that.  Of course, the most highlight of the new diesel is fuel economy. The A8 L TDI does not queer, with massive EPA estimates — its twenty eight mpg combined rating is that the same as a four-cylinder Toyota Camry — that ar repeatable within the planet. I drove the A8 347 miles in mixed conditions and came twenty nine.8 mpg, with speeds averaging thirty mph. main road speeds, though, ar wherever the A8 L TDI hits its mileage sweet spot; whereas cruising at sixty five mph, I simply reached the main road rating of thirty six mpg. Rush-hour traffic may be a totally different story; I averaged AN abysmal fifteen.1 mpg on a drive that took AN hour and 9 minutes to travel one miles, averaging nine mph. Thanks, Chicago Marathon.

Audi took a stab at creating the A8 L TDI an outsized, athletic sedan rather than merely a luxury lounge on four wheels, with mixed success (Lexus is absolutely dedicated to the sofa-on-wheels approach). The A8 is additional reception once leisurely cruising all 856.8 miles of its projected vary on the main road instead of carving corners. a regular air suspension with adjustable firmness and ride height will its best to grant the A8 athletic handling in its most aggressive and sportiest Dynamic driving mode — 3 adjustability settings of Comfort, Automatic and Dynamic ar on the market. Our tester had the bottom air suspension, tho\' a Sport air suspension is facultative. the large sedan is not all useless on off-ramps in Dynamic mode, with well-controlled body motion and sensible grip from the on the market 20-inch wheels and no-cost facultative summer tires. That said, i would lief skip those wheels and tires for a suppler-riding wheel and tire jazz band that hopefully would not thwack the maximum amount over rough roads.

This ain\'t Audi\'s dainty (comparatively speaking) three,858-pound S4, and also the A8 L TDI\'s four,564 pounds become obvious once you begin throwing around its weight, therefore I most popular to stay the automobile in its least aggressive Comfort setting. The expertise is totally customizable, with Dynamic, Comfort and motorcar settings for individual engine/transmission, steering and suspension calibrations. AN on the market Sport and Package dials up the A8 another notch with sport steering, a sport differential which adaptational sport air suspension.


Boy, did I miss the Audi A8 L TDI\'s massaging seats once I jumped into a 2014 Hyundai mammal genus per week later. Hyundai\'s budget contender to the A8 and different full-sizers simply could not truthfulness rush-hour traffic tempers just like the A8\'s lawfully reposeful massaging seats did for front passengers (they\'re enclosed during a $4,000 Premium Package). i am going to perpetually keep in mind you, Wave setting No. 5.

The rest of the inside has delayed well since the car\'s introduction as a 2011 model. Audi\'s interiors ar top-notch, swaying to the sportier facet of style, with fewer classic luxury touches and additional advanced, virtually mechanical d├ęcor. The A8\'s placing close lighting is additional \"Tron\" than \"Cocoon.\"

Being the L version of the A8, the TDI has enough space to lose atiny low kid within the backseat. Its distance is five.1 inches longer than a daily A8, that equates to four.2 additional inches of rear legroom. The rear is accessible with options ordinarily found up front, like heated rear seats, separate power rear seats, individual climate zones and a twin 10-inch screen with a videodisc player choice.

Ergonomics & physics

Chances are you are not planning to use Audi\'s Multi-Media Interface knob-based system to its full extent the primary day, or week, of possession. the extent of customization, tricks, shortcuts and depth of usability is large. Yes, it\'s difficult, however once you get acclimated to however the system works it becomes a great tool that enables you to require advantage of all the A8\'s systems. Be ready to open the owner\'s manual over once.

The various dynamic driving modes, navigation, drive-assist sensitivity, massaging seats, interior lighting choices and additional ar all accessible through the MMI dial. Minimizing the quantity of physical buttons with a knob-based system like this has one flaw, though: dynamic  driving settings is slow and distracting. you will not realize a Sport or Comfort button on the dashboard or handwheel that enables you to simply switch between driving modes.

Our tester was fitted with a one,400-watt, 19-speaker Bang & Olufsen stereo, a $6,300 option. Those in tune with stereos and sound quality ought to compare the valuable choice to the quality 630-watt, 14-speaker Satyendra N. Bose stereo to examine if the B&O is well worth the price. To my ears, the B&O has lost its wow issue since the primary S8 I tested with the system back in 2007. Bailing on the B&O is also a straightforward thanks to keep in budget considering it\'s nearly the worth of a complete decade-old A8.

Cargo & Storage

The A8 L\'s long distance does not translate to a vast quantity of product house. A meagre thirteen.2 cuboid feet of trunk house is a smaller amount than what a compact sedan just like the two013 Hyundai Elantra offers, at 14.8 cuboid feet. It\'s significantly smaller than the LS 460\'s eighteen.0 cuboid feet and also the seven Series\' seventeen.7 cuboid feet. You\'d expect an outsized trunk from such an outsized sedan, however the A8 does not deliver. Nor will it have folding rear seats, tho\' there\'s a pass-through.

Safety & dependableness

The A8 hasn\'t been crash-tested by the Insurance Institute for main road Safety or the National main road Traffic Safety Administration.

An facultative Driver help Package, for $3,250, includes Audi\'s lane assist to stay the A8 from drifting out of its lane, and a pre-sense and system that mechanically brakes if a collision is impending and far additional. Audi\'s blind spot warning system is enclosed with the $4,000 Premium Package likewise that conjointly includes airy front massaging seats.

See here for additional normal safety options, and here to seek out out however well child-safety seats slot in our seat Check.

German luxury cars haven\'t got a name for being reliable. The A8 received a rating of 4 (out of five) in J.D. Power and Associates\' expected dependableness analysis. it\'s not been rated by client Reports. the actual fact that the A8 is stuffed with gadgets does not prognosticate well for its dependableness, as that is typically lower once there is additional stuff to interrupt.

Audi as a whole, however, is quickly mounting client Reports\' dependableness charts, moving up four places in one year to be hierarchal the fourth-most-reliable carmaker overall in client Report\'s October 2013 report, during which subscribers rated one.1 million vehicles. whereas Audi was fourth, 2 different luxury automakers hierarchal initial and third: Lexus claimed the highest spot and Acura came in third.

Value in Its category

The A8 L TDI showcases what clean diesels ar capable of, with an almost seamless driving expertise and Camry-like fuel economy. obtaining twenty eight mpg combined, says it\'s attainable to create up the $3,700 premium you may obtain the diesel (versus the bottom engine) inside seven years; as of November 2013, the location place annual fuel prices at $2,050 for the TDI and $2,600 for the supercharged V-6. that is assumptive you may drive fifteen,000 miles a year, forty five % on the main road and fifty five % within the town. If you drive strictly on the main road, you\'ll structure the price additional quickly. The A8 TDI\'s engine will need regular filling of the AdBlue diesel exhaust fluid, a fluid wont to keep the diesel emissions clean. counseled intervals ar at five,000 miles, 15,000 miles and so each ten,000 miles, in step with AN Audi representative.

The bigger question is, however necessary is fuel economy to luxury drivers World Health Organization ar shopping for or leasing AN $80,000 luxury sedan? The pricier Lexus LS 600h L hybrid has nominal mileage edges over the bottom LS 460 L, however it\'s one amongst the quietest cars on the road because of its virtually silent powertrain. The A8 L TDI trounces the LS 600h L\'s fuel economy, however nice fuel economy does not increase the A8\'s trunk size or build the MMI system any easier to find out.


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