Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mercedes C63 AMG 2014 , and its design might look

With the new 2014 Mercedes C-Class officially known , is turn to anticipate the future and imagine what could be his AMG version . These unofficial computer recreations to show us how it could be the Mercedes C63 AMG 2014 , which eventually will have a twin- turbo V8 4.0 litros.Hace few days we knew the new Mercedes C-Class W205 , the new generation of the midsize sedan brand star . Its official launch will take place within a few days , at the 2014 Detroit show to jump into the market and started in 2014. But as usual, for its sports version , signed by AMG , still have to wait a few more months.

While waiting for the Mercedes C63 AMG 2014 , a great advance may be the AMG Mercedes C-Class Line, with the optional AMG package to provide the most basic engines sportier appearance and behavior. Surely , the Mercedes C63 AMG exterior design based on these AMG Line, though with the usual differentiation in small details.
To make this more fun waiting in Virtuel -Car have proposed a Mercedes C63 AMG photoshops of 2014. As you can well guess, these images have no relation with Mercedes or are officers, so the final model could be quite different, but in advance of onset are ok to warm things up .

With respect to Class C standard , we expect AMG alloy wheels larger quad exhaust, lowered sports suspension and an exclusive aerodynamic kit with steps wider wheel and wider track . If your design may still be a logical uncertainty, where there is none is in your engine : the new Mercedes C63 AMG will feature a twin- turbo V8 engine of 4.0 liters and a power that will be close to 500 hp.

Farewell , then, to the great aspirated engines in the C-Class AMG , resorting to overeating and reduced engine as almost necessarily imposed by today's standards . The Mercedes C63 AMG could hit shelves in late 2014 or during 2015 , so the moment one of its major rivals , the new BMW M3 2014 , reign alone ...


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