Sunday, December 22, 2013

2014 Ford F-150 Special Editions Redefine Pickup Trucks

The latest editions of the Ford F-150 restricted and King Ranch pickup trucks take the utility vehicle uptown
Nowhere within the description of a truck — neither trendy or classic — will the adjective “luxurious” seem. You’ll notice “tough,” utilitarian” and “strong.” But, nobody expects to be comfy — to ride in vogue — in a very pickup.

Ford has engineered 2 versions of its massively winning F-150 that earn that elusive luxury tag with the 2014 restricted and also the King Ranch Edition.

The base F-150 is that the world’s best commercialism truck and (depending on wherever you prefer to urge your statistics) the second biggest commercialism shopper vehicle on the earth behind the Toyota Camry. On average, Ford sells some F-150s per minute round the world.

The restricted and also the King Ranch ar specially tuned and equipped version commercialism at a worth well higher than the bottom model — north of $50,000, to be precise (depending on options). I had an opportunity to drive every for every week and didn’t need to present either one amongst them back.

The restricted sits atop the F-150 line, simply a notch below the Tremor and bird models. With a 3.5 liter, 365 HP, Ecoboost turbocharged engine, the restricted will manage multiple driving modes — together with two-wheeled and four-wheeled modes to change between street driving, cross-country and utility or towing use.

Fuel economy for each vehicles is calculable around seventeen mpg average, however i used to be unable to squeeze over regarding thirteen out of the restricted throughout my road tests. Still, even with the Ecoboost system fully result within the Limited’s case, it’s not cheap to expect hybrid numbers out of a vehicle as massive as any F-150.

The King Ranch could be a rarer breed than the quality F-150 with a special, western-themed trim package and brand set. It stands aboard the restricted in external attraction. I John Drew a number of stares and thumbs up in each trucks between Tennessee, the Middle West and Calif.. These don\'t seem to be trucks that move unobserved.

In the case of each vehicles, Anthony Prozzi and also the Ford interior style team were on purpose, making associate environmental mix of animal skin, metal and practical plastics that place everything at simple reach while not the boring, monochrome presentation of pickups generations previous.

Driving the restricted is associate expertise in comfort that you just don’t typically go together with a vehicle originally designed as a beast of burden. each appear a lot of attuned to street driving, although they carry a similar cross-country capable suspension and towing capability inherent to the F-150 line.

I had the pleasure of driving the King Ranch get into the Tennessee hills and Smoky Mountains on a looking trip — giving the truck an opportunity to chew on some soiled dirt roads and severe inclines. With a straightforward shift of the transmission into four wheel, high or low settings, I had carefree driving regardless of the tract.

Even though each vehicles have all the truck capabilities you expect, I still can’t imagine most consumers of the restricted or King Ranch victimization them to try and do lots of off-roading or truckage in them. These strike ME a lot of as comfy urban standing vehicles with the power automotivery|to hold} a hell of lots over your average luxury car.

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