Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lamborghini Aventador , thanks to Premiere fiercest Autowerkz

The Lamborghini Aventador looks more aggressive than ever thanks to the Indonesian tuner worked Autowerkz Premiere . The Italian model stands out for its " Bleu de France " brown . The body kit of this exclusive Aventador uses carbon fiber . The alloy wheels and exhaust system are specific to this preparation.
When talking about supercars, come to mind countries like Italy , Germany and Japan, but have you thought about Indonesia? Nostros either. But this time have to travel to China deservedly as the local specialist Autowerkz Premiere has done a remarkable job mostly a Lamborghini Aventador .

The first thing that catches the attention of the Aventador LP700 -4 is its exterior blue. Not just any hue but Premiere has turned to blue Autowerkz Bleu de France , a characteristic color in many sports Gauls that have passed into history . There's this model have little French, we must recognize that it fits like a glove .

The aggressive body kit that includes the Aventador boasts a spectacular front with carbon fiber inserts , side aerodynamic appendages , rear diffuser also fiber and the huge rear wing. The central exhaust system is also new bill and ensures a thunderous sound from the V12 engine of 700 hp.

The aesthetic work is complete with alloy wheels PUR RS05 tailored and silver finish . Are 20 inches in front and 21 je in the back , they being shod with Pirelli PZero Nero tires in sizes 255/30 front and 355/25 rear.

Premiere Autowerkz thus achieved the Lamborghini Aventador even more aggressive look , despite the absence of changes to mechanical level .


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